Strive 4 More

With Strive Nutrition
Our Mission

The Strive Nutrition Mission is to provide high quality supplements, transparency, and service to high level business executives all the way down to the everyday athlete. Strive 4 More is not just a saying. It’s a way of life. It’s being ALL IN on striving to become the best version of yourself. It’s lending a helping hand to others to pick them up. We Are Strive Nutrition!

Strive 4 More

The Strive 4 More mentality is more than just a saying. It’s a code we live by. It’s a belief that we hold deep down inside and realize that we’re never satisfied with where we’re at.

The Strive 4 More code is about being a student of life. It’s about showing up and serving others in a way people don’t understand. Pushing yourself mentally and physically day in and day and not accepting mediocrity.


Chris Brainard CEO of Strive Nutrition

Chris Brainard is the founder and CEO of Strive Nutrition. Chris grew up playing sports and went on to play college football for a couple years at the University Of North Texas.

Throughout his career playing sports, Chris learned and adopted the values that would help him and others be successful. Chris went on to get his degree in Kinesiology and started helping athletes and adults train for health and performance. Chris now owns and operates APE Fitness & Performance where they help hundreds of people take their results to the next level. 

Through years of living the “Strive 4 More” code and developing himself personally and professionally, Chris wanted to create a brand that promotes the same values and helps people strive to become more and create a bigger impact on the world.