Frequently Asked Questions

Whey is found in dairy and is one of the two major high-quality proteins found naturally in cow’s milk.

Whey protein comes from the cheesemaking process. When special enzymes are added to the milk, it separates into curds (which are used to make cheese) and liquid whey. The whey protein is then pasteurized and dried so it can be used as a key ingredient in some drink mixes, protein bars and other foods.

The best time to take whey protein is 30-45 minutes before a workout or immediately right after. We want to keep protein levels up in the bloodstream around our training sessions. This will allow you to get the maximum benefit from whey protein.

You can mix whey protein with water or any other beverage of your choice. Mix it with 8-12oz of the liquid of your choice. Blend or shake and enjoy!

Yes. You can mix whey protein with other supplements. It’s often mixed with creatine powder or liquid. This will not hinder the absorption process and is totally fine.